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QSyncMobile - wireless Outlook Synchronization for cellular and smartphones

QSyncMobile is able to synchronize smart phones with Outlook via the internet or Wireless LAN without storing your private data on external servers. The mobile device connects directly to your server running on the same computer as Outlook.

 QSyncMobile works with all J2ME enabled phones like:

QSyncMobile synchronizes Contacts, Tasks and Calendar between Outlook and your smartphone via TCP IP. It is using a standard protocol: WBXML via HTTP - the protocol can be viewed in detail at the server.


QSyncMobile supports all mobile phones with J2ME as well as Windows mobile 6.x.


QSyncMobile will be installed at the computer running Outlook and the client component on the mobile device. Using the client software, the mobile device can at any time start the synchronization and update the data in both directions. For example a company member can update his or her calendar without traveling to the office.


 QSyncMobile - Features

  • Connection to mobile phone via TCP/IP Port 80 (HTTP) or any other port. Easy installation. QSyncMobile runs as icon in the notification area.

  • Synchronization via USB cable, wireless lan or internet (GPRS, 3G, UMTS,...) from every place in the world..

  • Synchronization of any contact, task or calendar folder not only the default folders.

  • Different mobile devices may have different default folders.

  • Functions for maintenance. Send all items to the computer, receive all items from the computer. Errors in the data base can be managed on the PC (for example duplicates).

  • Minimal data travel between client and server.

With QSyncMobile it is possible to synchronize a cellular phone via the internet from any place in the world without storing the data on a provider. The server must be available to the internet including a name resolution (like dyndns). The cell phone will directly synchronize with your Outlook.



Your secretary works at the computer and modifies your appointments. From outside the office you get all modifications directly to your mobile phone. Your changes will transported to the smartphones.


System requirements
All windows versions and any version of Outlook. Outlook 97 - Outlook 2010 in 32 or 64 bit.


Cellular phones
QSyncMobile is available for:

1. Windows Mobile
There are two versions, one for devices with touch screen one for devices without.

2. Java ME
Java Me is available on nearly all phones in different price classes, at the low end there is the C1-01 at the high end there are Nokia N97 and similar.




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