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OLfax - updates and version history

The following table gives content wise information over which functions (features) were added in a new version and which arisen errors (bugs) were eliminated.
Features and Options Version
  1. GUI Modifications

  2. Update of MIME components.


  • Support for VB Script for printing applications.
    Printing can be archived via the VB Script language, this allows printing for example HTML files via WinWord.


  • Better support for programs with strange behaviours.
    While printing an attachment, OLFax opens the program which is able to print this one (for example Microsoft Word for doc, Acrobat Reader for PDF) and sends the command to print the file.
    Some applications act a bit strange or do not support this perfectly. For example Acrobat Reader version 7 does not install the printto verb into the Windows shell. If an application like OLfax asks it to print, it simply opens the document.
    Now for each file extension, command line options can be defined which opionally gets the program path from the registry and calls the program directly with command line options to print the file.

    printto.inf actually contains two exceptions: Acrobat Reader is started via the /t command line. WinWord gets its argument quoted, e.g. "fritz fax printer" instead of fritz fax printer, because in Office 2000 the printer name is cut after the first blank.

    Contents of the file have the following structure:
    pdf=[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\...] /t "%file%" "%printer%" (Program name indicate per Registry)
    pdf=c:\programme\...\AcroRd32.exe /t "%file%" "%printer%" (Program name indicate direct)
    doc=quoted (in order to set the parameters in quotation marks )

    All other files will be handle normally.

  • Support for emails which do not contain text.
    A fax email may contain a single PDF or WinWord file without a message body, in this case, the attachment will be printed without an empty body.
    OLFax failed to discover if a body is empty, if the message was encoded in rtf/html, html commands embedded in RTF, which is about 6 KB of text for saying that there is not a single character to print.

  • Support for MS-TENF (winmail.dat).
    OLFax can now decode emails with TNEF attachments and pictures.


  • Speed optimization and thus substantially faster fax import

  • Price reduction, now EUR 30.17 or 36.20 in USD for one user.


  • A confirmation by E-Mail is also dispatched, if the order were received over 'OLfax transport'.


  • For fax networks - OLfax has from now on its own integrated 'fax email transport'.


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