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QSearchFolders - Update & version history

The following table gives content wise information which features were added in a new version and which arisen errors (bugs) were eliminated.

Update: If you have modified the query.ini file, please save it before updating to a newer version. Otherwise you may simple re-install a newer versions.

Features and options


  • Bugfix: Comparision are now working with >=, <= and <>.

  • Optional: Search folder may be modal instead of modeless. Some Outlook version sending keyboard events not only to our add-in but also to itself, every cursor movement is then done in the Outlook window as well.


  • Compatible with Windows 95 to Windows 7 as well as Office Outlook 97 to Outlook 2007.


  • A search folder contains links to elements from different folders without actually creating a copy. As soon as the original message is changed, all search folders modify themselves automatically. QSearchFolders is able to create and manage search folders for any kinds of objects.


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