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QSyncFTP - updates and version history

The following table gives content wise information over which functions (features) were added in a new version and which arisen errors (bugs) were eliminated.

Function (Features)


Reworked dialogs, for example it is no longer possible to open the dialog advanced options if no setting is opened.

If connection got lost, the ftp client is re-establishing the connection automatically.


  • Simplification of the user surface. The attitudes consist now of server name, user name, password, all large options are on the site "expert attitudes".

  • Fields were better marked and to be able on push of a button with example data to be filled.


  • Optionally: Provides HTML reports

  • Optionally: Runs as NT service

  • Optionally: Secures old files automatically on the Web server

  • Automatic clearing up of FTP listings

  • Bugs - none


(Release date 05-01-2005)

QSyncFTP successfully existed all tests during the beta phase. The English version was released on 01 May 2005. To our partners here again thank you for their excellent support as well as for pleasant and constructional co-operation during the beta test phase.


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