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OLfolders 4.5 for Outlook 2016.


OLfolders PE

Microsoft Outlook Server network solutions for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) | Alternative Outlook Server network solutions for Windows Small Business Server (SBS) or an Microsoft Exchange Server.

OLfolders or OLfolders PE allow sharing Outlook data in a network as simple as sharing a file. Exchange- or Windows SBS Server are not needed.

Simply install the “OLfolders-Server” application at any computer in your network and connect from any other computer to your data in real time. Even multiple OLfolders-Server can run at different computers and clients are able to access all of them.


  • Any workstation can work as server ('peer-to-peer network') or with a dedicated server ('Client-Server network')

  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook: Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013, 2016.

  • Mixed configurations are possible, each Outlook version can act as server and client and communicate with any other version.

  • Works on all Windows versions

  • Easy to install, and to configure. Low operating costs (Administration). If you know how to install Outlook, you know how to install OLfolders.

  • Fast 'Return of Investment' (ROI) by an optimal 'Total Cost of Ownership' (TCO).

  • Easy backup: OLfolders uses normal Outlook PST-files.

  • Cost free product support via Email, Chat, Telephone

Install OLfolders or OLfolders PE in few minutes at any computer in your network and start sharing contacts, appointments, tasks, journals and even custom forms.


OLfolders (from 2 up to unlimited users)

OLfolders and OLfolders PE: Excellent ROI and TCO.

OLfolders PE (from 2 up to 11 users)

OLfolders enables sharing Outlook in a network in real-time as easy as sharing a network drive. Starting from 2 users up to an unlimited number are able to access shared contacts, appointments, emails, journals, notes, tasks and all other user defined types.

Optionally certain folders and elements can be read or write-protected for certain users or completely hidden.

OLfolders contains an integrated mail server, record locking and many features.



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QSynchronization -  One user license is included free of charge with each licensed client copy of OLfolders.


Product details: OLfolders

The cost effective alternative:

OLfolders PE simply shares your data in Outlook, it comes without a mail server, record locking and folder rights (access rights are managed per data file) with a maximum of 10 clients.


Fast and easy setup, just enter a user account and connect to your data from any computer in your network.


OLfolders PE can be upgraded at any time to OLfolders, you only pay the price difference.



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QSynchronization. Customers of OLfolders PE receive 50% discount


Product details: OLfolders PE

OLfolders, OLfolders PE and QSynchronization: Licensing- and pricing information (PDF)

Innovations 2006 and 2007 - Awards for OLfolders and Olfolders PE

Germanys "Initiative Mittelstand" enterprise initiative has been evaluating products, services and solutions according to their benefit to small and medium-sized businesses since 2003, awarding particularly exceptional performance in the discipline with an innovation prize. Software solutions by Quester have received prizes in different award categories each from an independent jury of experts and editors from information and communications technology magazines and journals.

OLfolders and OLfolders PE was awarded 2006 and 2007 for the most innovative products, both in office "Communication".

Office Outlook networks: Initiative Mittelstand - Innovationspreis 2007 ITK for Office Communication.

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