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About us | The division of Quester Software-Products is the development of Microsoft Office Outlook networks and the integration of IT products of partner companies with the target of small and medium-size enterprises "SME".

In the year 2000 the idea for the product "OLfolders" was born. Quester is the the origin - and development company of this internationally unique GroupWare product for MS Outlook networks.

Since its beginning of 2000, the vision - "The Network for MS Outlook" - has propelled Quester to its position as a leading manufacturer of products, technologies, software and services that make the "Net work computing" for enterprise-far communication in small and middle Outlook networks.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Quester is a leading provider of small and medium-sized enterprise communications solutions for Microsoft Office Outlook networks.

The attractive partner program QPN (Quester`s Partner Network) ensures the fact that the number of content partners and their final customers becomes world-wide constantly larger.

The company is world-wide represented by more than 250 partners and to reach on the Web site at: +

At present world-wide already more than 24,000 Outlook users in more than 6,000 enterprises work with OLfolders for Outlook networks.

Quester Software-Products

Thomas KLaus Quester

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Web site EN & DE


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