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QSynchronization - Download & Updates

QSynchronization v3.3

Download QSynchronization QSynchronization3.3.exe

Combined Installation program (.exe file):

- 32-bit version for Outlook 97-2007

- 32/64-bit version for Outlook 2010

- 32/64-bit version for Outlook 2013, 2019


Old versions

Older versions

Note on Outlook 2010

QSynchronization and OLfolders will both appear on a page called Quester, however each one on its own page, you can combine the icons using the back stage.


QSynchronization will be installed in two versions: One is the Outlook add-in, the other is an external application. Usually you will want to use the Outlook add-in. You can find the add-in in any folder properties, in Tools/Options and in Tools/Synchronize. Please configure your synchronization inside Outlook. Additionally you may use the application in order to sync without stopping Outlook.

  • On Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or similar, you must install as Administrator (right click the installer and select "run as administrator") otherwise the add-in will not appear in Outlook.

  • To download QSynchronization to your computer, simply click the download link above and save the installation file to your computer. Be sure to remember where you saved the file (your folder for Program Files might be a good place).

  • Once the file has downloaded completely, please open the folder containing the file you downloaded. Double-click the installation file you just downloaded to start installing QSynchronization on your computer.

  • In the user manual (see below) you will find additional information to the first steps in QSynchronization.

Demo and test Version

A cost-free test license of QSynchronization (via the download link above) can be used to test a full version for 30 days. The license code sent to you is used to activate the test version immediately after receiving your order (including the activation of the hidden entries) and can be instantly used in its full functionality without re-installing.

Installation Manual

A well-prepared installation simplifies the process of getting QSynchronization up and running quickly and to optimum effect. After installation the user manual is available from the Windows Start menu.

  • User manual - All functions and features.
    QSyncManual (PDF)

Program update

QSynchronization update - If you want to make an update on the newest version of QSynchronization then proceed please exactly the same procedure, as with a new installation and install the new version (download) simply "over" the previous version. Updates on new versions are free of charge.

QSynchronization - Update history

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