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Articles and Newsgroups to products of Microsoft Corporation and more

Microsoft Corporation

The office site contains information about Microsoft Office, service packs, utilities, links to shops and lots more.

Office Marketplace


Windows Marketplace lists thousands of hardware and software.

Peter Raddatz - Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) für Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Outlook

Ask the Expert in German-language. Peter Raddatz offers solutions and gives helpful answer for the use of Microsoft Outlook and answers questions frequently placed to the different versions of Outlook.

Visit DocForum.

Microsoft Newsgroups

Newsgroups and Forums help you to get fast answers to technical questions about Microsoft products and technologies. Search an archive of answers or ask a new question. Here you get fast and professional assistance for technical questions or useful suggestions & solutions during your operating operations.

The English-language NewsGroups around Microsoft products.

Slipstick Systems Outlook and Exchange Solutions Center. Utilities, how to's and other solutions for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange users, administrators and developers.

The best site for MS Outlook and Exchange Server. Lists nearly all available products for Outlook and Exchange, contains a lot of articles about Outlook and Exchange Server.

Olfolders Addins/GroupContacts/OLfolders

QSearchFolders Addins/search/QSearchFolders

Exchange Messaging Outlook New and updated Utilities

MSDN - the Microsoft Developer Network


MSDN - the Microsoft Developer Network

Microsoft Developer network. Contains also important information for users in its knowledge base.

Microsoft TechNet


If you have a problem with any Microsoft product, here you can find the answer. For example: Just type in any error message any application has given to in technets search engine any find a solution. Here you can find also all FAQ articles.


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