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QSynchronization for Office Outlook


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Synchronization of Outlook folders.

QSynchronization is a Microsoft Office Outlook 97 to Outlook 2019 add-in program. It synchronizes uni- or bidirectional Outlook folders by a simple click of a button - contacts, appointments, tasks, emails, journal entries and all other kinds of Outlook objects including user defined forms allow you to work offline with shared data.


The software runs under any version of Windows and Microsoft Office Outlook (32 or 64-bit).


  • QSynchronization for Outlook offline clients e.g. Notebooks or PDAs

  • QSynchronization can be used in connection to an existing Microsoft Exchange server to synchronize your Outlook data with your Notebook.

  • One QSynchronization user license is included free of charge with each licensed client copy of OLfolders. Any other clients require additional client licenses as shown on our Online-Shop.

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Features and options


Integrates seamlessly into MS Outlook (Add-in)


Compatible with Outlook, Windows, Exchange and Windows Server; OLfolders


Simple administration within MS Outlook


Synchronization of folders and sub folders


User manual


  • Choose which folders to synchronize - Synchronization does not synchronize the whole file but only the folders you want to synchronize, for example contacts and calendar.

  • Synchronization automatically - At start up or termination of Outlook

  • Synchronization manually - Per Menu or per Tool bar button

  • Synchronization per Timer - For example every 5 minutes

  • Selection of elements using scripting - QSynchronization is able to select elements for synchronization using a scripting language which works much like SQL, this allows exclusion of certain elements in synchronization.

  • PDA - Synchronize first your personal folder with the shared folders, then the personal folder with your PDA.

  • USB stick - synchronize your Outlook data between two PCs with the help of a USB stick.

  • Unidirectional or bidirectional - Synchronization can be set up unidirectional, for example only from the server to the client or bidirectional. Bidirectional synchronization finds changes in both folders and copies any modified object to the other side.

  • Conflicts - Synchronization may cause conflicts, both user have modified the same element, for example a contact. During synchronization, the software finds conflicts by itself and reports them after synchronization has been finished. If a conflict has been found, the element with the newest modification time wins, the other one is copied into the conflicts folder. Users may decide after synchronization afterwards which modification should remain.


Back up folders in Outlook


Program update - free update on new versions


QSynchronization - Program de-installation routine


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