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QNewsLetter is a mail merge add-in for Outlook

QNewsLetter makes it easy to send personalized emails. It can be used to inform your customers about new product releases, events and so on. To write a new serial letter, simply switch to the serial letters folder from within Outlook and select action/new Newsletter.

Mail merge inside Outlook

Using QNewsLetter, the mail merge takes place inside Outlook, either using WinWord or without WinWord as mail editor. Just like usual mails, attachments and pictures can be included in your mail as well as placeholders.

The serial mail is afterwards store in an Outlook folder and can be sent again to different recipients.



Please not that this screen contains some German words, on an English Outlook it will look different

Testing the mail

Before sending a mail, it is wise to check if everything is OK. The button labeled Test checks all fields and can send a mail to yourself:


A double click on an error message opens the given contact, the missing fields can be inserted easily.  To check the appearance, it is wise to send a test email to yourself.


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