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QNewsLetter - Update & Version history

The following table gives content wise information over which features were added in a new version and which arisen errors (bugs) were eliminated.

Funktionen (Features)


  • User interface. To and Query can be modified in size.


  • Added a query editor and re-designed the address selection dialog


  • Fix in inserting customer. If the element can not be loaded via StoreID/EntryID we try to locate it in all data files before returning an error.


  • Allows loading HTML pages including images. The HTML page will be sent including the images as attachments or with external images (depending on the HTML file).

  • Recursively select elements with a query. For example QSync can collect all contacts having a given category in all folders. If contacts are duplicated, each user will receive only one newsletter

  • Sending can be split up in two parts: Creation of emails, sending the pending emails. This allows to check each email before it is sent.

  • Allows sending using a different account, if more than one account is available

  • Modification of salutations file directly within the form.

  • Optionally, checks emails before sending, if the sent process has been aborted, nobody receives two emails.


  • Possibility for the adjustment of addresses by .ini-File

  • Newsletter can be send also by fax - for example if no email address is present. In addition however a Faxmail provider must be present, for example OLFax.


  • The address list now can be sorted by any field, listed by clicking on the title bar

  • Allows finding contacts by selection

  • The field "sgh" now creates "Dear sirs" if no title was found

  • Bug eliminated: Field names with spaces where not recognized such as #given name#


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