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Colored group calendar

Colored Team calendar with Microsoft Office Outlook

The colored group calendar combines several individual calendar folders within a single data file into a group calendar. In order to use the colored group calendar, for each user a sub folder under calendar will be created and assigned a different color and a group calendar containing the information which separate calendars are to be displayed.

If the calendar is viewed using the colored group calendar, each calendar element is displayed in the color assigned to this user, even if the user has chosen to colorize or categorize the elements.

If an element is moved from one calendar folder to a different users calendar, it will immediately displayed in a different color.

OLfolders screenshot: Outlook 2007 - Colored group calendar

Office Outlook Group calendar

Automatically setting up Free/Busy

The free/busy future of Outlook allows users to plan an appointment by displaying the free and booked times of all members.

OLfolders 3.0 now is able to automatically set up a directory for internet free/busy and distribute the information to all clients. With a single click on a button, OLfolders creates a directory at your hard disk, a share and configures all Outlooks in your network to use this as a free/busy store.

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