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OLfolders as POP3 Beamer for the MS Exchange Server

Use the OLfolders mail server as a POP Beamer, with Virus and Spam filter. The Exchange Server normally does not receive emails with POP3 but needs a separate program.

OLfolders as POP3 beamer

  • Filters out Virus and Junk mails

  • Can be administrated via the network

  • Is able to store all incoming and outgoing emails in MIME format.
    All emails which are received or send can be stored optionally in the file system. In case of accidentally deleting any important email or complete loss of data, emails can easily be restored.
    In some countries, all documents must be stored in unmodified form in a format which can be read without having additional software by law.
    The MIME format is the native format on which emails are sent via the internet and can be read on any computer with any text editor (except for attachments).

  • Can be used as additional mail server and additional shared folders provider.

In order to to use OLfolders as POP3 beamer, you need to create a forward rule, for example * to *

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