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QMailFilter v2.3 - Download

Download - QMailFilter


QMailFilter usually installs directly into Outlook. After installation, you can find Tools/QMailFilter in your Outlook. Initially, you need to train the filter using your given junk and normal mails.

If you do not have a junk folder, you may go to options and select the deleted items as additional junk filter, so that QMailFilter learns to separate normal mails from mails you have deleted.

The more you train, the more precise the filter will work. In the program directory, you can find QMServer, this is a server based version of QMailFilter. Many clients and OLfolders can connect to the server filter mails and train the central data base.

  • To download QMailFilter to your computer, simply click the download link above and save the installation file to your computer. Be sure to remember where you saved the file (your folder for Program Files might be a good place).

  • Once the file has downloaded completely, please open the folder containing the file you downloaded. Double-click the installation file you just downloaded to start installing QMailFilter on your computer.

Tip: Googles essential tools contain a free version of Norton Antivirus with 6 month subscription

Installation Manual

A well-prepared installation simplifies the process of getting QMailFilter up and running quickly and to optimum effect.

User manual - All features and options.

QMailFilter - Manual (PDF)

PDF Manual

If you don't have installed Acrobat Reader for .PDF documents, so you will find here the link to the free download.

Program update

QMailFilter update - If you want to make an update on the newest version then proceed please exactly the same procedure, as with a new installation and install the new version (download) simply "over" the previous version. Updates on new versions are free of charge.

QMailFilter - Updates & history

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