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QSynchronization - Update & Version history

The following table gives content wise information over which functions (features) were added in a new version and which arisen errors (bugs) were eliminated.

Last updates


  • Versions for Outlook 97-2010, 2013, 2016 with 32 and 64 bit are now combined into one setup

  • QSync 3.2 crashed on several installations of Outlook 2010 because it closed the data file



  • Continuous synchronization now uses the normal synchronization. If something in a folder changes, QSynchronization now reacts the same way as if the user presses the synchronize button. Though this operation is slower, the results are better.


  • Registers correctly with Outlook 2007


  • New setup with short setup guide.

  • Optimization for more than one synchronization, for example a PDA. Elements are no longer marked with synchronization marks but we use an internal field. Marking elements itself is a change which will force the PDA or other applications to re-sync the element.

  • Optionally: Only synchronize elements with change date after last synchronization date. This greatly reduces the number of elements which have to be synchronized.

  • Optionally: Instead of moving and re-creating the elements, old elements can be updated. If any external program stores references to Outlook objects, this program will not loose the reference and does not need to re-sync the elements.


  • Faster search and copy using a second key field.

  • Speed optimizations

  • Uses the Outlook search key as primary key

  • Elements are not marked with synchronization marks, if both elements are identical.

  • Not updating synchronization marks if the are identical.

  • Reduced probability that field compare must be used in order to find the counterpart by comparing two index lists.

  • Faster duplicate deletion.

  • Deletion of duplicates can be done with or without field compare

  • Extended query editor allows reducing the set of elements in both folders.


  • New feature: Synchronization of reminders. Using tools/options/Synchronization/Reminders you now can set up synchronization between reminders, in this case, Outlook will pop up reminders of other data files.
    Optimized the number of concurrent opened elements and the number of opening elements. During analysis-phase QSync now can do nearly everything using fast table operations without opening individual messages.


  • QSync can be optionally started as tray application.

  • Query for selecting elements before synchronization takes place, for example

  • Synchronize elements modified after a given day. Synchronize elements with a given category, only.


  • Analysis of changes and reading/storing status about 100 times faster.

  • Copying of modified entries about 10% faster.

  • Problem solved: In some circumstances, QSynchronization did not find changes and copied the whole folder.

  • Remove duplicates now uses its own search instead of the search supplied by Outlook, which works different on different store providers (Outlook versions, PST, Exchange etc.). It now finds all duplicates in one pass instead of three passes.


  • Faster Analysis of changes

  • QSynchronization can be aborted at any time

  • Remove duplicates find duplicates more precisely

  • Reallocating similar objects uses a less strict criteria, some of the fields compared have caused duplicate entries.


  • Support for sub folders

  • Duplicate checker completly removed

  • Uses a different setup application: click InnoSetup

  • Removed an error on access to the body during duplicate change.


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