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QNewsletter - Newsletter via Office Outlook





Price € 42,24

QNewsLetter is a simple to use, powerful mail merge add-in for MS Outlook.

With QNewsLetter you can send personalized emails. Inform your customers by email newsletters about your product and company news.

Using QNewsletter is as easy as writing a normal email, you use a normal Outlook form and write a normal email, but you are able to use fields, for example #name# which will be replaced by the recipients name.


Just like usual mails, attachments and pictures can be included in your mail as well as place holders.

  • Pictures

  • Formatting

  • Send file attachments with your series emails

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Test version and order of QNewsLetter

The free evaluation version is able to send to up to 5 recipients. It is not time limited.

Details: Download information

You can purchase a license code right now or use the button inside QNewsLetter.

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